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Last of us remastered edition (ps4)
Før: 549,- Nå: 365,-
Wagalong hund hvit
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Wagalong hund
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Tanklokk Solo Diesel
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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare  (Pc)
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The Elder Scrolls Online
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Middle earth shadow of mordor (pc)
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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
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Sniper Elite III Afrika (PC )
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Ride (pc digital nedlastning)

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Ride” is the game about bikes, created for the people who love bikes. Boasting with the most loved manufacturers; the most beauti ful str eet bikes on the market and exciting full throttle competiti ons.
Travel around the world on tracks with a unique style.

  • WORLD TOUR EVENTS: The World Tour is not a simple sequence of events; there is a final goal in the game, lead your own rider to the apex of the world standings.
  • Single Race : Up to 16 riders compete in a single race event, on a specific track and in specific category of bikes.
  • Championship : Up to 16 riders compete in an event made by 3 or more races, in specific category of bikes.
  • Time Trial : The player has a specific amount of laps to try to beat a time record signed on the event track.
  • Track Day Challenge : The player has to overtake as many riders as he can before the times expires.
  • Drag Race : This challenge is based on shifting gears at the right moment and reach ing the finish line placed at the end of a long straight as fast as the player can.
  • Endurance : This is a “tag” mode in which two riders have to ride the same bike in turns in a long run race.
  • QUICK RACE: The player is free to select the bike and the track he prefers and jump in a fast race with 12 different competitors.
  • TIME TRIAL: No opponents on the track, the goal of the rider is to achieve the best possible time.
  • SPLIT SCREEN: Two players play on the same console in this split screen game mode.
  • MULTIPLAYER: The basic structure of the online is the Quick Race , in which up to 12 human players gather on a track and compete to reach the first position on the finish line. In the Championship Mode , players set a number of races, compete on their favourite tracks and collect points according to the position of the single events.